Welcome to Ambassador City Church St. Louis
Discover your purpose and find belonging in our community of faith.

Right now there are more than 110 million people worldwide searching for a home. The United States welcomes 20% of the global diaspora.

Ambassador City provides a home where people are fully loved and encouraged as Ambassadors on Mission by planting multiethnic churches in St. Louis.

What could the city of St. Louis become if we work together for the city to mobilize multiethnic leaders? The city of St. Louis has a rich history. STL seeks to be one of the fastest-growing foreign born cities in America.

Ambassador City is an Evangelical Free Church (EFCA) Plant mobilizing Multiethnic leaders in St. Louis.

The foreign-born communities of St. Louis are a beautiful gift to the city as Ambassadors from all over the world. As Tim Keller says we were 'designed to welcome one another' to flourish the city together. We are Ambassador City Church!

We believe God has made from one man "all nations on eath" and he has predetermined the exact time and place that each person lives right here in St. Louis. Let's live out our divine design!

The vision of the Ambassador City Church is to see a beautiful community of foreign born leaders multiplying grace by planting churches among all nations in STL Metro for the Common Good.